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My name is Sai Venky. A little bit about me:

A young upstart cosmetic dentist with a genuine interest for informing the public. I am captivated and inspired by what the internet is making possible, so I figured why not share my passion with the world? Everyone would love to know more about the dental procedures that we're performing for our patients, so why not give you a first hand look?

Now, through my new partnership with TopDentist-NY, I will be able to do just that. I'm very excited to be able to bring my patients, as well as millions around the globe with quality dental insight and tips on how to perfect your smile without breaking the bank. And when you need to see a Dentist, TopDentist-NY is also the best place to find a quality dentist in your area, so it's a win win situation for you.


Since I was young, I always had a natural fascination for how teeth are kept white, what causes them to change colors and how to care for my own teeth.
I've also always been a fan of people, in general. Especially now with the advent of such brilliant technology that allows us to connect with people in new, interesting ways, I've become a proponent for the dissemenination of knowledge via these new ways. There's no reason why everyone in the world shouldn't have access to this knowledge.
As a vegan, dentist and as a human, I feel a natural responsibility to the other people in the world to help promote the best way to keep our bodies in great physical shape. Through years of research, it is continually discovered that our various ailments all contribute to a degrading quality of our dental and overall health. I would like to be part of the solution to keeping America healthy.


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